Bernice chan dating liu moses

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(You and Moses have been dating for a long time) We partnered up for a long time." Moses pointed he is always low-profile about his relationship, hoping to keep a space. Some people feel comfortable about it and will share it with everyone. " Moses didn't expect Bernice to ask such thing, but he was smiling, and said: "Maybe will get married tomorrow.

Bernice Liu refuted claims of her dating Alastair Lam, but replied coyly that they were just friends.

Bernice shot to fame after starring in the acclaimed sitcom, Virtues of Harmony , and was once placed on the list as the highest-earning TVB artist due to her lucrative endorsement offers.

However, Bernice fell out of TVB’s favor after her relationship with rich heir, Alastair Lam (林忠豪), went public. TVB is currently suffering from a streak of low viewership ratings, and the press mentioned that Bernice had left the station at just the right time.

Bernice was asked to comment on her struggling former employer, TVB, as well as former flame, Moses Chan (陳豪).

The beauty queen joined TVB after winning the 2001 Miss Chinese International pageant in a stellar victory.

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