Chhild dating divorced man

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Are you allowing your unresolved divorce issues to turn you into an alienating parent?While you wouldn't do anything to directly harm your children, your behavior regarding the other parent can be detrimental to your children. ''They've never behaved like this before,'' the mother said as she led the man to the door. Placing her small hand in his, Lisa said, ''Are you going to marry my mother? Jeffrey simply put a napkin over his head and burped nonstop during dinner.In reality, these levels are nothing more than points along a continuum of behavior.The alienating parent may bounce between levels depending on his or her emotional state." For example, an alienating parent may tell the other parent he or she can't see the child because the child has a cold.But before your divorce or separation, did you quarantine your child from the other parent over a cold?

Richard Gardner, a child psychiatrist and the author of ''The Parents Book About Divorce'' (Doubleday, .95). Weiss, a sociologist with a special interest in single parents, points out in his book, ''Going It Alone'' (Basic Books, .95).The parent uses the child to fill his or her unhealthy emotional needs at the expense of the other parent.PAS experts have identified three levels of alienating behavior - mild, moderate and severe.The following article sheds some light on the subtle ways in which one parent can undermine the other parent's position after a divorce.Written by: Jeff Opperman for Womans What do you think would happen if comedian Jeff Foxworthy stopped telling redneck jokes and started talking about Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)?

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