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‘Gentlemen of a certain calibre want to meet a genuine partner in a dignified and private way. ‘Our members are very successful, ranging in age from 40-80.

Some are very well-known, others not-so, but they are all intelligent, sophisticated, authentic and, most of all, time-poor.

‘All of our gentlemen are over 40 but are very varied in personality and sentiment,’ says Louisa.

‘Something that is similar, though, is that they have all worked very hard and really are enjoying the fruits of their labours.

Her unrivalled success gives her possibly one of the most intriguing and exciting jobs in London.

But even if you are an eligible bachelor looking to invest in true love, she’s quite often fully booked, which is testament to her success rate.

‘Ladies of all ages, from many backgrounds with different interests and their own life-stories seek the Harper Stein expertise,’ says Louisa.

‘If we know of a gentleman whom is a great match for you, either now or in the future, we will make an entirely complimentary introduction.’ To enquire about ladies complimentary membership, please contact Claudia directly and mention The Resident.

Their private-life is treated no differently,’ says Louisa.

It really is very important to them to share that with a genuine partner who is readily available to enjoy it with them. There is absolutely no cost and we have many wonderful resources for women to enjoy, but we don’t proactively search on her behalf,’ Louisa explains.

If someone is focused on work and works long hours then that would often pose a problem.’ And all the single the ladies? ‘If you are a genuine single lady who is looking for a life-partner, we would love to hear from you to find out more about you and your relationship ideals.’ What is perhaps most resonant is that these gents are not looking for the next supermodel, or someone many years their junior, as some might expect.

Are those moments worth waiting for if I feel so utterly isolated and lonely when I don’t see or hear from him for days a time? As for his schedule, I have close ties to several doctors (or maybe Wendy somehow knew this, and that’s why she gave me this letter, in which case… I figured some first-person insight might be more helpful than random speculations from my rear end.

The overwhelming consensus was that he’s just not that into you.

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