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One drawback to the Fire-Heated Handle, however, is that extra caution must be taken to prevent overheating both the branding head as well as the handle.

Leaving a Fire-Heated iron in the fire may cause the branding head to warp or melt, voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Overall, the Fire-Heated Handle is the way to go if you want an economical and traditional tool.

For those who plan on doing a higher volume of branding, Electric Heating Tools are great for increased efficiency and accuracy.

This goes along with the practice of test branding to ensure that you are using the right amount of heat to get the clearest mark possible.

Your TCU will also protect your electric heating tool from over-heating, prolonging its life.

Furthermore, these tools require the use of a power source.

As such, branding “out in the field” cannot easily be done.

Visit the Heating Tools collection page on our website to learn more.

Once you’ve had some practice, branding will be a breeze.

It’s all a matter of making sure that the mark you make will be clear and precise. Call us at (818) 576-1101, e-mail us at [email protected], or start a live chat with us right on our website!

Branding cattle and other livestock is a practical means of ensuring the safety and organization of a herd.

Barbecue enthusiasts love to proudly mark their meticulously prepared steaks.

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