Dating european men nyc

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I’ve never done it before, and I’d always imagined you all to be,” she paused, realizing she was about to paint broad strokes of offensiveness…“Well, crass, rude, and perhaps a bit lazy.” Compare those three expectations to the ones American women have of French men, and it’s apparent that the deck is stacked against the boys back home.

(Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard’s time-traveling Midnight in Paris romance might be our gender-flipping exception to prove the rule.) Statistically, there are far more American women with French men than American men with French women. After taking an informal poll from American women, the three characteristics that came up most to describe French men are: sexually mature, worldly, intelligent.

Think what you wish, but after conversations with other American men and upon reflecting on my own dates, I’ve found that the American man / French woman relationship doesn’t often work for a very simple reason: expectations.

One of the most obvious examples is when a French date gave me this particularly harsh semi-compliment: “It’s so odd spending time with an American.

So we sat down on the stone quays with no conversation and an odd meal behind us. “I’m pretty tired.” Then she confirmed that this had been my worst date ever: She vomited. Helping her into a taxicab, I figured I’d never see her again.

The intrinsic romance of the sparkling city now mocked us as we sat in silence. Well, I thought to myself, your first French date may not have been terribly romantic, but put it behind you, perhaps the next one will be better.

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