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See Jefferson County Records for additional information on Death Records in Jefferson County.To search for an individual surname on the page, click Control F (for PC) or Command F (for Mac) and insert the name into the search box and click enter.

Arner, Rob Arney, William Ray Arnim, Hans Von Arnold, Klaus Arnold, Matthieu Arnold, William R Arnold, Clinton Arnold, Sarah Slagle Arnold, Edwin P.

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I will say I did not have many great expectations for this final installment. The rest of the acting is decent, and the only good actors have very minor parts. Within three lines of dialogue, they tried to cover as much as they could, and when they weren't talking about significant things, the dialogue was weak and uninteresting. With the two billion dollars that this series has made, you would think that the special effects would be somewhat believable. I'm a very negative person, I know, and I'm probably going to get hated on, but notice that I've given this movie a three star rating.

There was one thing in this movie that was worth that, which if you think about it, is a lot if you are talking about a full-length movie. There will be no spoilers, but I can only say that the ending was absolutely sensational.

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