Dating mistakes with

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For many South Asians, entering the dating scene is like stepping onto an entirely different planet – fraught with many top dating mistakes.

Not built into the culture, young South Asians can rarely rely on their parents’ experiences to provide some familiarity or guidance on how to navigate this new stage of life.

A lot of these dating sites also offer hosted in-site email, texting or even phone calls so you don’t have to reveal your real email address or phone number.

In the internet dating arena, it is up to each participant to choose how much or how little of their personal information to share.

Many online internet dating sites issue vigorous and highly visible caution verbiage when a new user joins the site, right down to creating a fictitious “profile name” to use for identification so as not to reveal your real name to other users.

For both genders, conducting advance research on a potential date is no longer seen as creepy but as smart and self-protective.

After all, you are using these internet sites to find a relationship match, not to locate prospective stalkers!

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