Dating nigerians in abroad

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Tags Africa, Black men, discrimination, funny, Germany, Goodluck Jonathan, happiness, humour, husband, intercultural marriage, interracial dating, interracial marriage, marriage, mixed marriage, negative stereotypes, Nigeria, Nigerian men, racial stereotypes, racism, racist, relationships, sleep, stereotypes, wife When I met my husband, I had just accepted a job in Germany. The contract was for a minimum of six months, with the possibility to extend to a year, and I told him when we met that this was the plan. And all we can do is laugh, because if it can do all of that, then marriage itself is a piece of cake by comparison, and the rest of our lives should be a breeze!

I have been told that our union is cruel, because it would place our children at a social disadvantage.

Tags Africa, african, black, Black men, culture, Dating, diversity, England, heatwave, husband, interracial dating, interracial families, interracial relationships, London, love, love story, marriage, multicultural London, multiracial, multiracial society, Nigeria, relationships, summer, United Kingdom, weather The first time I saw him, Junior was smiling at me in much the same way he has smiled at me every day since.

The key to happiness in life: Don’t worry, be Nigerian.

Some people have even told me right to my face that they suspect he is only pretending to be in love with me so that he can secure his immigration status in the UK.

Being from Nigeria, some narrow minded people will automatically assume that I must have fallen victim to some elaborate scam on his part.

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