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After I open and say something along the lines of that I find the girl cute, I generally get a positive response.

However, aside from asking the boring interview style questions such as what do you do and where are you from (which can be ok but only when the conversation is already going well), I'm not sure exactly what to say so it becomes a decent chatty and flirty conversation. You can ask those boring questions in a much more conversationally advantageous way. You answer whatever question you want to ask first, or answer it after you've asked it. It's not just you asking questions but you're giving conversational material back to the girl too that she can add too or ask about to create more conversation from.

You could also use cold reads/assumptions and keep them general.

You may need to transition through various different things though before you get into a bigger conversational thread, so this is why it's best to use the above ideas rather than ask question after question after question. After all my experience I've had and al the success ive experienced with mltrs I will not bullshit you.

you must accept and deal with the facts the the aint all frosting and glitter, there's for growth in that.

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My question is if it's possible for her to like me again, or am I eternally doomed to the friend zone? Conversation flowed the whole time and we had a flirty vibe going. And if she senses that you are trying harder, she'll likely resist even more. I'll be honest though, going back to your date 2 summary and your assessment; it's not the lunch location that did it or the fact you were across a table from each other.

" Pickup is totally easy if you can take it as a game, as something that you can enjoy instead of a complicate way to seduce her.

In the next approaches try this: after you got the girl's attention, start talking to her like she's a friend you haven't seen for a long time, and you want to know what happened in the meanwhile.

I have tried making assumptions about what they do or wear etc but when pretty much everyone is a professional and nothing stands out etc (say if I do day game after work), there is not really that much to say here. You could also use cold reads/assumptions and keep them general.

The key though is to not ask question after question desperately hoping something comes up that you can cling to "a commonality or something you know something about" but instead demonstrate your attractiveness while also finding out if this girl is the kind of girl you want to hang out with too.

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