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It suggests a life you might–being still alive–still live.For me years ago, the word ‘expat’ meant being Arthur C.

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Specifically, you’ll have a home connection, and there’s free Wi-Fi in most of the restaurants.

UPDATED MARCH 11, 2017 If your life runs through a backdrop of unrequited ambition, or a pent-up dream which doesn’t seem to want to abandon you, living in Bali can be the perfect way to finally point your attention toward it.

A tropical vacation is rejuvenating, but stay in a place like Bali long enough and it just might trigger a larger sense of perspective in you.

10)Taking spur-of-the-moment flights to interesting places. I start every day in Bali knowing that if I got the urge I could wake up the following morning in any one of a hundred interesting cities, watching the world come alive in Chiang Mai, Kovalam Beach in Kerala, Ho Chi Minh City, Penang, etc. If you’re coming to Asia from Europe or the United States it would be difficult to see too many of the places you’ve “always wanted to visit” without taking a six-month sabbatical and aggressively connecting all the dots.

Lots of people buy a backpack and do this at some point, but moving to Bali (or having a base anywhere in this region really) means spontaneous explorations won’t break the bank, nor even require much planning. 11) “It’s the common greeting between Indonesians so naturally they’ll ask you too, as you walk by.

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