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Room Codes To join a Room, you'll need that much-maligned (probably unfairly) tech artifact: the QR code.There is no searching or requesting an invitation in Rooms (though Rooms can be shared via URL and viewed, but not interacted with, from a Web browser). This sense of exclusivity is one of the strongest things Rooms has going for it, but it's also one of its weaknesses, as I will explain.But there's no way to search for topics that interest you, leaving it to chance that you'll find a Room you like.That said, the limited access will almost certainly keep rooms small enough for hobbyist moderators to manage, and maybe that's the point.

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As you might expect, you can add photos, links, and … It’s easy to use and comes with everything you need to manage links and chat easily on your phone. Chat Rooms provides you with an easy way to find people to chat with.

Whether you are running a business and want to collaborate with your colleagues or just want to catch up with your friends, chatting is a great way to do it. Flow Chat: one of the best looking IRC clients for i Phone.

Whether you are a talkative person or just chat occasionally, there are lots of chat applications for i Phone that let you chat like a pro. Ember: a Camp Fire client that lets you create your own chat rooms and start your group chats fast! Allows you to manage your contacts more effectively.

Rooms ran swimmingly on both my i Phone 5c and aged 4s.

Posters in Your Room Discussion in Rooms occur in, well, Rooms.

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