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Repent of negative feelings you harbor toward marriage and family, and ask the Lord to soften your heart to his beautiful plan.Then ask Him to fill you with holy courage to pursue marriage, if that is what He is calling you to.His perspective is not so shocking when you consider — you guessed it — he's a Millennial.If you're Generation X, like me, you may be getting a bit down in the dumps.

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He has stepped on the human conveyor belt where each step is planned and nothing surprising will ever happen again. This lie is ever-present but plays out differently for different generations.

Gen-X has not failed simply because its members tend to be tough, capable and pragmatic (which is — by the way — how I would describe most single women my age).

God has given each of us everything we need for a fulfilling, godly life and marriage (2 Peter 1:3). Furthermore, just because members of Generation Y are more likely to jump into marriage with enthusiasm does not ensure their ultimate success.

" Perhaps the problem is influenced more by generational attitudes and mores than other factors such as the moral decline of society, media and a lack of interest in spiritual things.

When I was dating my 23-year-old husband, I remember Candice Watters telling me that Kevin was in what she considered to be "the valor years." She told me she had observed men in their early 20s being especially courageous when it came to pursuing women.

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