I am dating a man who is separated

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However last time we met, when he (again) refused to stay for the night, I kind of got crazy and told him that this sucks and that he's selfish and that I don't believe him anymore that he's really separated and that this is the only reason why he doesn't want to stay.He left without having this issue setteled down although I asked him to stay.I just have his word and that of his sister (which I weight high because we're friends).He doesn't want me to see his place cause (as he says) he's renting a room in an elderly couple's house and since they know he's still legally married, he (as he says) would feel uncomfortable to take me there.He really gives me a feeling of being someone special, not only by telling me but by the way he acts and cares about me.There are various examples I could tell you but I guess this questions is already long enough..

You are aware of a number of red flags that need addressing.

Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think one is jealous if he's not in love.

What also confuses me is the fact that we are going out together quite often and are seen together in our small home town. And it may interest you to know that my reply comes from experience - almost exactly the same experience of your own.

And there were some other situations when his spontaneous reaction showed so clearly that he loves me.

Furthermore, he's getting jealous when I go out for dinner with someone he doesn't know or when I wear (in his opinion) to sexy clothes for work.

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