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Chrome for business allows you to deploy and manage the Chrome browser for your users in a variety of ways. The bundle contains Chrome MSI, Chrome Legacy Browser Support (LBS) extension, and administrative policy templates. As an administrator, you can download the Chrome MSI or the Chrome Enterprise Bundle.You’ll have to use the Office Deployment Tool to download updated versions of Office 365 Pro Plus from the Internet to your local network.After it’s downloaded, you can place the updated version on a network share that is close to the users.In addition to device-based policies, you can optionally provide users with the convenience of having their work tabs sync, and pre-install Chrome apps, extensions, and themes when they sign in to Chrome from a non-work computer.These policies are set in the Admin console and include most of the same 100 policies that are available via Group Policies.For information about setting up and deploying Chrome browser in your organization using the Chrome Enterprise Bundle, see Download Chrome Enterprise Bundle.The instructions are for how to install the Chrome MSI in a Windows environment.

It’s also the choice that requires the least amount of administrative effort.For example, even if the June version of Office 365 Pro Plus is available, you might want your users to continue using the May version.You might want to do this because you want to test to make sure that your line-of-business applications work with the June version.Certain parts of your organization might require deep, granular control over devices, while other parts might seek lighter, scenario-based management that empowers the modern workforce.Windows 10 offers the flexibility to respond to these changing requirements, and can easily be deployed in a mixed environment.

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