Lacey schwimmer and hok konishi dating

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Other footage that was shown included Nigel Lythgoe doing a little dance and wearing the same suit on that result show.During the show with the top 20, after the last couple danced, Cat Deeley (still wearing the same dress on the 19th of September's result show) says "Will your favourite dancer make it through to the next round?The bottom three couples (six dancers overall) are then liable for elimination by the judges on the live, or broadcast on tape delay in the western United States, results show.All six dancers perform a solo, after which the judges eliminate one male and one female contestant.The contestants that survived the cuts following those rounds were divided into groups, asked to randomly select from a box a CD containing one of five possible music types, and choreograph a routine to the song on their chosen disk.The dancers remaining after the group choreography round were asked to perform one last solo, following which the group was whittled down to 34 contestants—17 male, 17 female. As in season 2, the finals began with 20 contestants, ten male and ten female.The song played for the females' elimination was Ryan Cabrera's "I Will Remember You".

Nigel Lythgoe returned as a permanent judge, joined this season by choreographer Mary Murphy.Due to the success of the previous tour, this season's engagement was extended to 10 weeks and visited 50 cities. On the season finale, Hokuto "Hok" Konishi, Shauna Noland, Anya Garnis, and Jesús Solorio were named as alternate performers in the event of injury to any of the top 10.Noland, Garnis, and Jaimie Goodwin had been replacing Lacey Schwimmer in some of her tour routines because of an injury to her meniscus.After partners are assigned, couples pick a dance style out of a hat, are rehearsed by a choreographer, and perform their routine, which is taped two days prior to airing.Following the airing of the performances, home viewers vote for their favorite couple.

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