Mo rocca dating

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"Mary from the block...before there was Jenny from the block!

" While Rocca's parents spoke English, he and his two siblings also grew accustomed to Spanish flowing throughout the household.

"It wasn't particularly hard," Rocca says of coming out to his family.

"Everyone assumes (including my Anglo friends) that it's hard to be gay if you have a parent who is a religious Catholic, and especially a Latin American Catholic - all I can tell you that wasn't the case with me.

" Rocca reiterates that he doesn't think there was "this conscientious decision to assimilate." "I don't think that was the case.

To look at me no one would ever say that I was Latino," he said.

His first television work was as a writer and producer for the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning children's television series Wishbone. Seuss on the Nickelodeon TV channel and Pepper Ann on the ABC TV network.

On coming to terms with his sexuality: "I'm just more comfortable with myself now. I just think that so much of being a performer is finding your voice and also figuring out is your persona based on you, is your persona you, or is your persona totally separate.

It's taken me until I'm 42 to begin feel this way." On being outside the Stonewall Inn the night same sex marriage was passed in NY: "It was very memorable, very emotional, it was a great place to be." On "hiding behind his glasses" and his decision to retire them: "I felt like I was hiding behind my glasses…I just felt as if my glasses were becoming a costume piece. I found it can never be separate." On his opinion of "certain types of gays:" "A lot of the guys there [Fire Island] combine desperation with ruthlessness, and it's just not a winning combination.

"For me it wasn't much of a conflict at all because no one expected me to speak Spanish because I really don't look Latin, or really what people think a Latino should look like I should say...

I don't really need to be so PC about it, I don't look Latin, so there you go!

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