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Vogt, 29, brought Slack to Gimlet soon after the company launched and is a true believer.(Slack has also advertised on Vogt’s show.) But Vogt’s older boss, Gimlet CEO Alex Blumberg, is still struggling to catch on.“I don’t have much of an emotional connection to Slack,” Blumberg tells me.“I use it to order lunch.” (“I don't know shit about Slack.Trendy open-plan offices are infamous for their cacophonous din—they were originally designed to get workers across the office to strike up conversations that hopefully lead to innovative collaborations—but the Slack headquarters are “crazily quiet,” Butterfield says, because all the chatter has moved online.

Seventeen percent of our messages are shared in private groups, which require an invitation to join and are hidden even from administrators; 79 percent of our Slack chatter takes the form of one-on-one direct messages.

(staffers to guess how many messages are public, answers ranged from 20 percent to 80 percent; that’s a long way from 4 percent.

The real numbers are “insane,” Lowder Slacked when he heard them.

“There was a definite sense of missing out not being on Slack. Slack itself has become a character.” Even pockets of the State Department are now on Slack. Take a tour of Slack on the company’s website, and you’ll learn about all the ways it can make your office communication more effective: Slack syncs seamlessly across devices, features a powerful internal search engine, and is highly compatible with dozens of other programs that keep businesses running.

But Slack’s truly innovative offering goes unlisted: It is a cool office culture, available for instant download.

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