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It was rather a national movement of the Oromo people ...

The following quotation from Bahrey, (in Beckingham et al, 1954), vividly illustrates typical Abyssinian cultural, religious and racial biases against Oromo.

For instance, the Abyssinian court historian, Alaqa Taye (1955), alleged that in the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries the Oromo migrated from Asia and Madagascar, entered Africa via Mombasa and spread north and eastwards.

Others have advocated that during the same period the Oromo crossed the Red Sea via Bab el Mandab and spread westwards.

It was only with the arrival of Europeans and their firearms that Abyssinians succeeded in their southward expansion mainly in the middle of last century.

Abyssinian and European historians alleged that there was a sudden population explosion in the Oromo community in the sixteenth century that enabled it to invade Ethiopia. During that time no significant, if at all any, technological development such as discoveries or introductions of medicines, new and improved tools for food production, etc.

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