Russian customs traditions dating

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" ("Bitter") from the crowd followed by a kiss from the newlyweds. In the past, the bride would carry a tray filled with glasses of vodka for her guests.

The guests would pay the bride for a drink and then yell "Gorko!

A number of traditions developed as a mixture of Orthodox Cultural Traditions and pagan beliefs. Originally pagan rituals they were later accepted into the Orthodox Christian calendar and are now a combination of Christian and pagan traditions.

One of the most interesting and unique are Russian wedding traditions.

Russian traditions are common practices or customs observed by Russians.

They have deep roots in Russian history and have a mixed background.

A tradition of tossing the bridal bouquet adopted from the western cultures is now frequent at Russian weddings, especially in the cities.

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In Russian tradition, before a groom can marry his bride, the wedding party gathers and demands that he answers a series of questions about his beloved, simple as when her birthday is, or something more involved, like asking him to guess which baby photo is of his bride.They will then demand the groom pay a ransom for her return.The bride's friends also get in on the good natured fun by "stealing" the bride's shoes.This tradition is a playful game, and whoever gets the larger piece, it is said that they will be the leader of their family.Read more about the leadership and gender roles in modern Russian family - a family portrait in modern Russia.

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