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—over the expressed wishes of his partner, Daniel Friberg, as well as everyone else involved with the site—for reasons so insanely petty and small I won’t repeat them here. Now I don’t need to wash your retarded stink off of me.He did this despite the fact that I was by far the most popular writer for predecessor sites, and despite the fact that I stood by him during the Heilgate fiasco when Mike Cernovich was accusing him of being a fed, even though I’ve always been closer to Cernovich than to Spencer. Charlottesville was the death rattle of the alt-right.You were only useful to him during the election, because you were attacking his enemies; now that he’s in control, he’ll gladly ignore you as you get steadily no-platformed and unpersoned. I disassociated from the alt-right two months ago, and I’m glad I did.

Remember when Enoch was exposed as having a Jewish wife and his immediate response was to not only straight-up lie about it, but to enlist fake news media site help in throwing his audience under the bus by smearing them as “neo-Nazis?Forget Spencer dipping into his trust fund to pay for Baked Alaska’s medical bills or Christopher Cantwell’s legal fees: has he, Kessler, or anyone else even tendered an you’re responsible for whatever happens to your followers. While it’s true that NPI and have been shut down by the purge and Spencer banned from Pay Pal, so long as he has access to Daddy’s credit line, he’ll be sitting pretty.He could quit the movement tomorrow and go back to skiing in Montana and his life would be completely unaffected.the kind of whites who follow him or anyone from his cohort, because they see the alt-right as a weird subculture of degenerate urbanites and suburbanites obsessed with gay whoosh haircuts, gay dance music, and nattering on about nonsense terms like “fashy” or “white sharia” all day long without realizing how nuts they look to everyone outside of their social circles. The alt-right has become a hindrance to nationalism, and that’s why it’s getting flushed down the toilet.The reason why President Trump hasn’t lifted a finger to support the alt-right, despite your support for him and all the physical and online attacks you’ve suffered since he took office, is because he wants you gone just as much as the left does.

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