Tammy trent dating anyone our life dating over 50

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Since no mother-daughter trip is fully complete without some shopping, we decided to head to a mall near our hotel.

Before we fully stepped into one of the jewelry stores, the staring had already begun... As something shiny caught the eyes of both my sister and I, we found ourselves standing in front of one of the jewelry cases. Have a great night..." Depending on the story and how the curious person treats me, combined with my internal dialogue's witty sarcasm, I often walk away from situations telling my friends, "This is how I responded to the person..this is how I wanted to respond!

Eventually, as her eyes widened even more and her face broke my American comfort zone of personal space, and this is how the conversation took place... As odd as it may sound to some, sarcasm and humor have been one of my many coping mechanisms when I find myself in hurtful situations in regards to my facial difference - and I keep my internal response (at least, until I'm away from a situation) to myself as I process the experience.

About a year ago I started to remember my high school years and having the opportunity to attend an amazing event called The Revolve Tour.

Being born with a facial difference, I find myself in more interesting situations than normal - or at least, that's what I've been told by several family members and friends each time I share a new story.

About two or three years ago I found myself in one of my usual situation.

While I had always known about her amazing musical talents, it wasn't until these events that I had the chance to hear her incredibly testimony...

A testimony where she struggled to fulfill her desire to feel beautiful (starting after her boyfriend at the time made a comment about a woman pictured on a magazine), finding bulimia as her companion during her search of self-acceptance.

As I continue to grow in Christ every day, I continue to dream new dreams - literally and figuratively.But I don't have a story to tell." Before I realized it, my new-found dream was forgotten and buried with self doubt.Although I do still keep my internal dialogue's sarcastic responses system on-call for special situations, I've come a long way since this interaction with this store clerk.Yet in the midst of all this, after attending this event twice and hearing Natalie Grant's story, around the age of 16 I found myself thinking, "This is what I want to do.I want to be a speaker, just like Tammy Trent and Natalie Grant." Then, my thoughts continued, "...

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