Tiffani amber thiessen dating

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Aaron Spelling apparently couldn’t check his fatherly protection of his daughter at the studio door.

Many believe she was fired after season four because of this, but the thing that really got her kicked off was that she cut her hair halfway through shooting the season finale without telling anyone, thus throwing off the continuity of the episode.The role was offered to Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone, and Alyssa Milano, but it was Tiffani Amber Thiessen who landed the part.Mollin revealed that the casting was not a happy one for Brian Austin Green, who was dating Thiessen at the time and wasn’t excited about the character of Valerie hooking up with many of ’s male cast.However, no actor has appeared in all 296 episodes of ’s success is the ending of the Gulf War.The teen drama actually began as a family show centered around the Walsh family, but shifted focus on Brandon and Brenda’s high school friends halfway through season one.

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