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For example, a boat made from a hollow tree trunk has been dated to 5200 BC, and is possibly one of the oldest wrecks the Baltic Sea.Other vessels that have been found/are known to have sunk in the Baltic Sea include ships from the Viking Age (8th – 11th centuries AD), the Danish-Lübeck fleet off Visby (16th century AD) and ships sunk during the Second World War (1939 – 1945).

Further investigation by the team revealed that it was an almost intact ship.Read More Maybe these 'scientists' could be looking for ways to clean the plastic out of the ocean, or better ways to get oil out of salt water or arresting the depletion of this inland sea.Instead they think looking for old boats and planes so 'vital to humanity' as to warrant hundreds of thousands of dollars, better spent elsewhere, at THIS point in history.Nevertheless, other questions remain, such as the identity of the ship, the flag under which it sailed, and cause of the ship’s sinking.The Ghost Ship is just one of many shipwrecks that have been preserved in the Baltic Sea.

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