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One thing is for sure- browsing these replicas isn’t such a piece of cake. I am not sure how are we supposed to believe that this is a reputable merchant when it is February and the site still has the Christmas promotion banner on the homepage with the message “Christmas is coming”.

Even though, the categories are divided in sub-collections which makes things a lot easier, the lack of and Advanced Search option is definitely a huge disadvantage. All self-respecting online companies update their promotions in a timely fashionable manner.

It has a bulky top menu with buttons for the most popular brands, a considerably long brands list in the left side of the page, a static wide banner and a few sponsored products- nothing too fancy or too impressive.

Having good product picture is something very important for a replica handbags website.

Not changing your Christmas banner for two months is simply unacceptable.

As I was saying earlier, the site is not that great looking.

An e-shopper can’t actually see, touch and inspect the products before placing the order so for him seeing high quality photos of the actual replicas is essential for being sure that he is making a good purchasing decision.

For instance, when a website like lists most images copied from the original websites and from numerous other catalogs this makes us doubt that it will send us what we see in the pictures. The company targets mostly customers based in UK even though it offers worldwide delivery and the products are dispatched from China.

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