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MTV originally wanted to make a soap opera, but the costs were too high, so they thought "what if we could get rid of writers, and scripts, and sets? That resulted on the first Real World, set in NY neighborhood of So Ho, Manhattan, where 7 people that had never met before had to live in a house together for some time.

As the years went by, The Real World slowly gained its shape and space.

The Real World..." How many times have we heard those words?

The Real World was the first reality show on tv, premiering in 1992.

Sarah hangs up, and while Baya comforts her she calls her mother to tell her what happened.

Her mother tells her that the roommates must now screen all of her calls.

It is still on the air, about to air it's 21st season, set in Brooklyn.

When The Real World was created, it created a new genre of television that years later would be copied by other networks and become almost an obsession around the world.

He winds up wearing a suit (slightly overboard) and a fake handlebar mustache (slightly Beastie Boys) to the shindig.Finally (and in an ominous nod to the phone call she received), Sarah tells Chet that she was sexually abused by her father.Chet, because he is a complete asshat, tells Sarah that she should forgive her father and let him back into her life.A lot of what we see on tv is edited to make it look like it all happened in a certain timeline.All the houses have cameras everywhere, and there's a clause in the contract of each housemate that says they're not allowed to go places where the cameras are not allowed in.

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