Who is elaine paige dating

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“It started with the advent of my radio show 10 years ago.

And then Andrew Lloyd Webber’s reality shows like How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

REVIEW: Piaf, Curve, Leicester Sitting in a Knightsbridge hotel near her riverside penthouse, her manager close at hand to jog her mem’ry (“Forgive the pun, ha ha, but it’s not my strongest point”) and laugh at her jokes, EP’s a blow-dried, tiny (4ft 11in) but formidable presence.

When I tell her I love the radio show, she reacts suspiciously rather than graciously.

I Know Him So Well, the duet from Chess which she sang with Barbara Dickson, remains the biggest-selling record ever by a female duo. Jobbing actress gets together with big Hollywood star? When someone like that encourages you, you have to take notice.

Though it has been done with opera and with National Theatre productions, this is the first concert- for-the-screen by a musical theatre artiste.

Later this year, the 66-year-old is embarking on her “Farewell” tour. EP is to British musical theatre what Stalin was to Soviet Russia – impossible to imagine one without the other.

She’s been in the business for 50 years, starting out as an urchin in the film of Oliver, "horrifiying" her suburban parents by performing starkers in Hair, creating the iconic roles of Eva Peron in Evita and Grizabella in Cats. Ha-er-ha, responds EP, this laugh less joyous and more how I imagine she responded to the news she wouldn’t be playing Evita on Broadway (in 1978, when the US Equity refused to give the part to a Brit). But I’m still going to do concerts and telly and radio.

You Tube is full of homages to her spicy, if slightly demented, chuckles, that gurgle suggestively like expensive bubble bath disappearing down the plughole.

But what Paige (or EP as she always refers to herself on her Sunday Radio 2 show) has just told me is no laughing matter.

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