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His resemblance to his dad is eerie: beard, bulky frame, pork pie hat, explosive playing style, etc.So having Jason participate in the climactic number of the evening was an apt choice for the Wilson sisters to make.From their arrival back in England to the funeral and afterwards, Bonham never left Plant’s side.In a 2005 interview, Plant recalls: “During the absolute darkest times of my life when I lost my boy and my family was in disarray, it was Bonzo who came to me.They not only shared a room together, they would refuse to turn out the light and go to sleep until they were both tucked safely up in bed.” Of course, this tour broke them in America and sowed the seeds for worldwide success in the coming years.But in the immediate moment Plant and Bonham were mere teenagers in a strange world, clinging to one another for dear life and in the process forming a bond that lasted a lifetime.

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There are deep personal roots behind these songs – especially “Stairway to Heaven” and Bonham’s outstanding drum track on that original recording.Even Bonham’s son Jason is well aware of his failure to ultimately satisfy Plant as a worthy replacement for his oldest, dearest friend.Jason, in a 2012 interview with somethingelsereviews.com, admits that Plant told him in no uncertain terms: “It doesn’t matter how great you are on the drums, Jason.Page saw Bonham perform in London and was very interested in getting him in Zeppelin, which at this point had the working name, “The New Yardbirds.” Bonham had a steady gig and was reticent to join, but Plant convinced him it was the right move.Back in the same band again, they found themselves in America several months later replacing the Jeff Beck Group on a tour opening for Vanilla Fudge.

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