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There are a few possible ways to display accelerated video at this stage.

Since full acceleration means that the video controller is responsible for scaling, converting, and drawing the video, the technique used depends entirely on what the video is being drawn onto.

It is very advisable to switch on this option if the system GPU video-hardware and device drivers supports XVideo and more modern rendering systems such as Open GL and VDPAU are unavailable – the speedup is very noticeable even on a fast CPU.

While the protocol itself has features for reading and writing of video streams from and to video adapters, in practice today only the functions After video has been scaled and prepared for display on the video card, it must be displayed.

To check whether a given X display server supports XVideo, one can use the utility program.

Video playback programs that run under the X Window system, such as MPlayer, Myth TV or xine, typically have an option to enable XVideo output.

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Other compositing window managers such as Compiz also use compositing.

However, on a system with limited Open GL acceleration function, specifically the lack of an Open GL Framebuffer Object or pbuffer, the use of an Open GL environment like Xgl makes xv hardware accelerations impossible.

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