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But every so often an app is introduced to the market that makes us contemplate this line and how close we hover above it.This week the issue is around so-called “consent apps”.“This is about context,” insists Michael Lissack, a former Wall Street banker turned philosophy professor who has developed the app.“This is a prop — just because you have your phone doesn’t mean you choose to run [the app].It does not allow for the possibility that one party has been coerced.Rape Crisis says that the app “throws up concerns”.

Students watch a public service announcement called "1 is 2 Many" featuring actor Seth Meyers, during an orientation meeting earlier in August in San Diego. Jerry Brown on Thursday a bill that attempts to define consensual sex as requiring requires "an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision" by each party to engage in sexual activity.The action came as the state legislature rushed toward scheduled adjournment, and as universities around the country are under pressure to improve handling of allegations of sexual assault.Some critics of the bill say the legislation is overreaching and sends universities into murky, unfamiliar legal waters.California's legislature wants to define in law just when "yes means yes'' on college campuses.The state Senate unanimously approved legislation Thursday that, according to its sponsor, will change how California has defined just when "yes means yes'' on college campuses.

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